Chris Brown Reacts To His Arrest In Florida & It's The Same As Yours

Hello there nosy friends...I'm including myself in that category because obviously I did my research to write this blog up.

Chris Brown had a show in Florida, Thursday night (July 5th, MY BIRTHDAY - YAAAAAAAA!!! sorry, I had to!) and he was detained after his show for a felony assault in Florida.

According to reports, police had been waiting for his concert to finish and once his performance was over, he was cuffed. 

He posted a $2,000 bail and was released an hour after his arrest.

So what was his reaction to all of this? 

The same as most of ours. 

He jumped on Instagram live to show fans that he had posted bail and that he's out and then he posted a picture with the caption, "What’s NEW🙄????? Show tomorrow!!!! ❤️


I'm hoping this ends well and isn't a huge issue. Then again we still don't have all the details yet.


Good luck on your shows Chris!


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