"March 14" Was Reportedly Recorded Prior to "Story of Adidon"

When Drake dropped his instantly platinum ranked album Scorpion, hip hop heads speculated that the double album's final track "March 14" was spawned from Pusha T's "The Story of Adidon".

As a reference, Pusha T's diss record called out Drizzy for hiding his relationship with his alleged baby momma and son. Therefore responding to those allegations on his album became a rumor immediately after Pusha's diss.

However, the OVO founder has a number of names behind the idea that "March 14" was recorded prior to "The Story of Adidon".

“I’m assuming [Drake] called the record ‘March 14′ ’cause that’s when he did the record,” said T-Minus, who co-produced the song. “I never even heard the content of the song until the album dropped. It was something private; it was supposed to be kept secure. The information got out and I’m assuming that’s how Push knew [about the child].”

Malik Yusef, who was working with Kanye West on his 8th studio album, believes that information regarding Drizzy's kid was leaking when he flew to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to work on "Yikes".

“I was not there, but I do know that story: [Drake] played early versions of those songs and so on and so forth,” Yusef said. “You gotta be careful how you move, I think. Not I think, I know: You gotta be careful how you move, what you say to people, what gets out, and the whole nine [yards].”

Who knows what the truth is. But this seems reasonable enough.


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