Watch: XXXTentacion's Video For SAD Finally Drops

Just a day after an open casket public memorial for rapper XXXTentacion, the music video for his most recent single  “SAD!” hit the internet. 

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In it, the rapper attends his own funeral. His other self jumps out of the casket, and the two engage in a ferocious fistfight in the church and later in an alley. Throughout, the living X has a philosophical conversation with a hooded, sensei-like figure. The clip, written and “creative directed” by X and directed by JMP, is loaded with symbols, but perhaps the most telling is a handwritten note that appears next to X’s other self after the fight:

People change, things change, and so did I,

As long as the outcome is good for family and myself I’m not complaining.

Check out the video below: 


Rest Easy, X.


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