Nipsey Hussle Slaps Guy In Parking Dispute & Here's Why (Video)


It's not clear to me what happened, but I don't feel like Nipsey would RANDOMLY slap a guy out of nowhere. There had to have been an exchange that wasn't caught on camera. 

I'm also not saying that slapping the guy was the right thing to do, I just don't want people to come at Nipsey in a certain way. Let's hear the man out when the time comes.

Side Note: Don't mess with Nipsey, don't do that. He's a REAL dude. Just sayin'.

Here's what TMZ has reported: 

"Nipsey Hussle unleashed a vicious slap on a guy in the middle of an argument over where he could park his whip ... and it's all captured on video.

Check it out, the L.A. rapper's in the street outside the venue for Sunday night's 'BET Awards' when he gets into with another man. We're told the issue was whether or not Nipsey could move some cones and drive through a restricted area.

Tempers flare, and after the guy smacks a traffic cone out of the hand of Nipsey's bodyguard ... Hussle unloads a hard right slap.

A law officer immediately grabs Nipsey to keep the fight from escalating ... and then he gets back in his car."

With all this being said... I got to see him perform at BET Experience last night and he was AMAZING (as always) - go get Victory Lap


Much love to Nipsey, he's honestly one of my favorite artists and deserves to be!


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