Kanye Gets Very Emotional! Why Was He Crying?


Kanye West came out to support Virgil during his first ever Louis Vuitton show in Paris! This was an emotional moment for Kanye and Virgil considering the friendship they have. They met in 2009, when he did an internship with Fendi. The two began an artistic collaboration that would launch Abloh's career into founding Off-White. He was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2018.


However at one point Kanye said he was a bit hurt that Virgil left him to go work with Louis Vuitton. In an interview he said

“These things are hurtful when you are working with a talent like... Virgil and somebody comes through and says ‘Bam! I am going to take Virgil.’

But it seems like things are better between the two - check out Virgil's post below honoring Kanye.



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