Here's Why Kim Kardashian Says "No More Selfies"


It's National Selfie Day... so what do we get? Selfies? Maybe.

Maybe, not... from Kim Kardashian! 

Okay, get this, a day before "National Selfie Day" she told Sam Rubin from KTLA 5 that she doesn't take selfies anymore! She doesn't like 'em! UGH!

Okay, maybe I kinda feel her... it's awkward, it used to be so much funner and cuter but somethings shifted, it's about full body pictures now!

But she used to take some amazing selfies, she even had a book called Selfish which included 400 selfies of her. *Kanye Shrug*

Maybe she'll bring the selfies back! *Kanye Shrug times 2*


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