XXXTentacion's Ex Reveals She Was Kicked Out Of His Memorial & Burned Her


I don't know the full story between XXXTentacion and his ex-girlfriend, no one does, that's something only the two of them will truly know. But this just breaks my heart. 

His ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, says she was kicked out of a memorial and everything she took was BURNED. 

Again, I'm not sure what the full story is between them but Geneva had accused X of abusing her while she was pregnant so they were going through their legal issues. 

She took to Instagram last night and shared what happened at the memorial


Fans have been leaving for mixed comments on her picture.


This breaks my heart, she lost someone she really loved and she should have at least been there. That's just my opinion but again, I don't know the full story. 

This entire situation is so heartbreaking and so hard to believe. 

My prayers go out to X and his loved ones. 


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