Lil Tay Breaks Her Silence To Reveal Heartbreaking XXXTentacion News


Lil Tay had taken social media by storm, she caused A LOT of drama and created A LOT of "haters" for herself. 

Over the past month, she had quit social media and went completely silent. But after XXXTentacion's tragic death Monday night, she broke her social media silence.

I personally had no idea that XXX and Lil Tay were so close, it seems like a lot of people weren't aware of it either but my heart goes out to XXX and all his loved ones.

Lil Tay went on Instagram last night and revealed that she had something special planned this weekend with XXX. She explained the charitable work that these two were planning together for this weekend.


My prayers. He was gone too soon. 20 years old. He had so much life to live. :(

XXXTentacion Killed Near Miami, Police Confirm
XXXTentacion Killed Near Miami, Police Confirm
Broward Sheriff police have confirmed the death of Florida rapper XXXTentacion after Monday's shooting in Miami.


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