Kylie Jenner Gets Slammed Over ‘Disrespectful’ Father’s Day Post


It's safe to say that anything the Kardashians or Jenners say & do WILL get backlash. 

It's a "catch 22." *eye roll*

If it were anyone else in the world people would let it slide.

With that being said, Kylie Jenner is getting backlash for her most recent "Father's Day" post.

She posted a series of pictures with her sister, Kendall, and her father Bruce.

So why are people upset? (yeah, that's what I was wondering.)

They're upset because Kylie's post didn't include pictures of Caitlyn, it was only pictures of Bruce.

Here's a few of the comments:

"Just a tad bit awkward that she didn't post any pictures of Caitlyn... way to be "accepting". It's not even a thing about growing up and calling her dad and some sort of comfort, it's the fact she doesn't acknowledge Bruce as a woman."

I was thinking the same and it’s a legitimate question. Even when people post old pics, usually when they post multiple, they will post at least one current pic.

Why didn’t you post recent photos of his? Are too embarassed? [sic]

"Eh, this is rude? Where are all the pics of Caitlyn?"

Let me add MY PERSONAL opinion, because all our opinions matter (Kinda not really. Your negative opinions don't matter to me... ever. Just sayin.)


She's a 20-year old mother that has built a company for herself which is almost worth 1 BILLION $$$'s!

Oh, don't even @ me with "yeah, she was born into a rich family. She didn't do it herself." 

There are A LOT of kids born into rich families, most of them don't become as successful as her. 

So if she felt that this is how she wanted to wish HER FATHER a "Happy Father's Day" then that's how she should do it. 


So what's my point? Stop judging people and focus on yourself. 



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