Couple Shuts Down Walmart to Have Their Wedding Ceremony

You don't see this happen everyday but this just goes to show LOVE over powers all.

Instead of having a wedding at a lavish mansion or hall, Leida and Chrissy Torres decided to have their wedding held at a Wal-Mart where the two first met. 

The couple first decided to get married in New York, but due to some of their co-workers not able to have the day off, the couple decided to have their wedding at their workplace for everyone to attend.

“We both have a lot of really close friends that we call family in our Walmart store,” Slonaker Torres said. “We discussed it with the store manager and the home office so that everybody in our store everybody that we share our lives with can be a part of the wedding.” Chrissy tells USA Today.

The Wal-Mart garden department in Philadelphia will never be the same.

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