Cardi B Reportedly Expecting Her 1st Child In July!

Okkkkkay, are you ready for this? I'm super happy about this, I mean... I had my little theories about it after seeing her perform with her tummy covered a few times. But it's her life and she has the right to keep any secrets to herself! I'm just excited because TMZ has reported that Cardi B is pregnant with her first child! 

Cardi hasn't confirmed the pregnancy yet at all...but if my calculations are correct, she'll be 7 months pregnant when she performs at Coachella next month. She hasn't cancelled out of it... yet. But let's take a trip down memory lane when Beyonce was pregnant with her twins and had to cancel Coachella. So let's wait and see! Oh, and the best part? Her baby is going to be here in July!!! Yes, JULY! CANCER SEASON.

I'm a July baby! We're awesome... go Cardi... go Offset!


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