MTV's TRL Might Be Getting The Boot..AGAIN!

Looks like MTV might be pulling the plug very soon and if they do, it will prolly be for good this time around. 

Total Request Live, fans favorite show were they stay up on the latest in music and rate songs in a countdown had first made it's exit from television back in 2008 with Carson Daly as it's host. 

Last year in 2017 MTV thought it would be a great idea to revamp the show adding more than one host and adding the audience to be more involved in voting for their top favorite songs. 

Now it has been stated that an email that was sent out to it's employees has surfaced stating the show will be going off air again. 

Sources over at TMZ, states the email wasn't read thorougly and the show will be expanding to the late night and early mornings.

Not sure if this well improve ratings but we'll see.

Source via TMZ.

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