Are You Ready For an 'On The Run Tour' 2? Well The Wait Isn't Much Longer

Just when our hopes were at it's highest peak today, there were immediately let down as we have been anticipating another 'On The Run' Tour.

Early today Ticketmaster and Facebook posted up tickets for sale this week for Beyonce and Jay-Z  'On The Run 2' kicking off July 30th. 

It seems as if this announcement was a bit too early because it was removed from the site. Our friends over at Complex, were able to capture the screenshot below before it was taken down.

Photo via Complex

Complex have reached out to both Beyonce and Jay-Z's reps and have yet received any word back. 

If the two are going on tour this year, It would be the first time since 2014 so let's hope and keep these fingers crossed.

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