Get Familiar With TDE's "SiR"

You're going to thank you me later... so i'll just say "you're welcome" now.

I want to introduce you to TDE's amazing addition, SiR. He's not new to the crew... but dope AF. He was signed to TDE in 2016 and recently, he dropped his second EP Her Too.... so let me break it down (it's not hard, but I like saying it.. I feel like a BOSS.) 

In 2016 President of TDE, Top Dawg, himself posted a tweet that had all fans wondering...

Signed in 2016, SiR, who recently released his second EP (Her Too) in as many years, was one of TDE's two mysterious "John Doe" artists (the other was Lance Skiiiwalker).

He's appeared on Isaiah Rashad's "Rope" and "Rose Gold" PLUS Jay Rock's "The Ways." Again, he's not new to the game, but he's definitely underrated.... as of now, don't get it twisted.

Go ahead, click the sentence link above this gif.... i'll wait until you finish reading. 

This page isn't going anywhere (unless the internet for some reason decides to crash wherever you are... sorry if that happens. I got options for you: maybe screen shot it or read faster.)

Now that you're back and I have your full attention let's get back into this... SiR is John Doe 2 from Top Dawg's tweet.. or that's what all signs point to anyway. 

Earlier this year he dropped a visual for his single "Queen" and it got over 400k views on YouTube (get it SiR!) Now check the video out:

Oh... you're a fan now? Same. 

What does that mean?

That means when you go to Miguel's concert next year, you'll get there earlier so you don't miss SiR! YES! SiR is on Miguel's "The War & Leisure Tour" lineup!

Want more songs to memorize before next year? Here, memorize these...

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