Shark Bites Down On Diver's Stomach And Won't Let Go!

Diver has shark’s jaws prised from his BELLY after it bit him off Florida coast THIS is the grisly moment a diver was bitten on the stomach by a SHARK. 

Diver left in agony after small shark bites his stomach and REFUSES to let go Shark cut from man’s body after biting him and refusing to let go  Nurse shark bites Florida man and will not let go Shocking footage showed the nurse shark latched onto Ervin Maccarty's belly after he went swimming off the coast of Marathon, Florida. 

When attempts to prise the fish's away failed, his pals were forced to sink a knife into its skin. 

Maccarty told the knifeman: "Don't cut me! Don't bleed him out on me!"

 His pals were eventually able to remove the jaws of the badly-injured shark from his belly. 

Maccarty, who was left with a bite mark, added: "I jumped in and went straight to the hole in about ten feet water. 

"As soon as I get down there the shark came out of another hole and bite me. I struggled getting back to the boat 

hit me hard.

 "It knocked the breath out of me so I had to get up for air but I felt the shark biting and trying to tear me open. via YouTube

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