7-Year-Old Boy With Rare Condition Is Labeled As "Monster" And Dad Pleads

Dan Bezzant, the Idaho father of 7-year-old Jackson, is pleading for parents to educate their children about bullying and how it affects children. His son has a rare condition that disfigured his face and he's being bullied at school for that. It's become so severe that he's even started to talk about suicide! 

No one should be thinking about suicide, especially a 7-year-old boy who is already dealing with more than anyone can imagine. 

Bezzant says while the school is trying to handle the kids from bullying his son, it's not good enough. So he did what he thought would work the best... he opened up about it on Facebook. 

Guess what? It helped. His post went viral! But his post also had me cry a river...

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