PartyNextDoor Vents About Ex-GF Kehlani in New Song

The Canadian artist just let it be known he is not over Kehlani.

To take you back down memory lane, the two dated almost four years ago and had went their separate ways which led to Kehlani later dating basketball player Kyrie Irving.

During her relationship, PartyNextDoor posted up a picture of Kehlani in his bed that hinted to the public that she and Party were rekindling things. 

Okay now to fast forward that picture led to Kyrie dumping her and then we witnessed on Instagram Kehlani in the hospital due to suicide attempt and with Party by her side. Sticky situation forsure, well you know that saying "forgive but never forget" ? 

Party did just that in his new single 'Own Up To Your Shit' .  "I was the one who called the ambulance and said you was forgiven/Even though that I was the one that was cheated on and watched her tell the story wrong."

Welp! You be the judge peep the full song below.

Source via HotNewHipHop

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