Hi-Tone Is The "Voice" of The People!

We first caught wind of Hi-Tone upon the release of this last project No Xananx Needed. A project he pushed himself to do after hitting rock bottom; fully dedicating himself to the music and quitting substance cold turkey. 

Since then it's been all gas for the homie. He runs a successful barbershop, clothing line and a tattoo artist in addition to doing the music. Being a Latino in hip hop and a Covina CA. native, Hi-Tone is twice the underdog but with sold-out shows, recent feature in Billboard and his latest visual, he continues to prove that his Voice will be heard!

"This sh*t is weird to me, 

Homie this sh*t is weird to me

If I was reppin Compton I swear you'd be acceptin me,

If I was selling drugs I swear you'd be reppin me."

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