Bullies Called Her "Skunk" Because Of Her White Skin And Hair. Years Later,

21- Year-Old Rebecca Heckard was born with birthmarks that covered her skin and hair. 

She has a prominent white streak on her forehead and hair, as well as white patches on her stomach and legs. The unique birthmarks have been in her family for at least four generations. 

Growing up, kids were quite cruel to her. They would call her ‘skunk’ quite a lot… Most of it just made her feel sad.   

Rebecca would wear long layers and conceal her unique look with makeup. But last year, she finally decided to wear a bikini to the beach. 

She couldn’t believe that no one really cared.

After returning from her vacation, she started to gradually work up the confidence to stop hiding her other birthmarks.

Now she proudly models with them showing the pigment-devoid patches and the white streak in her hair.

Rebecca hopes to inspire others with differences by talking out about her skin.You go girl, keep shining like the bright star you are.

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