This Celeb Was In The Hospital While People Body Shamed Her

Megan McKenna from Essex reality TV royalty and  country star has never held back about the fact she has Coeliac disease.

She's so beautiful and after reading this story i'm just so disgusted by people on the internet.

They just want someone to talk about. That's all. People will make fun of you for ANYTHING! Your hair could be sticking up or placed wrong, people will make fun of you. The problem is that no one tries to understand why certain people wear certain clothes or look at certain way... they just make fun of them for a couple "likes" or "retweets." Those retweets and likes won't change your life, but it changes the life of the person you're making fun of. It's such a shame and this really brought me to tears.

Check out the full article from BuzzFeed:

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