Woman Cut Off Her Husband's Male Parts As He Slept And Flushed It Down The

Who else cringed when they read the headline? Don't feel out of place, we all cringed.

A 54-year-old South Korean wife reportedly cut off her violent husband's p*nis while he was sleeping and it's all because he was spending too much time playing golf. 

Okay, this isn't funny.... well, let's take a moment to laugh at the Gif,  but the actual story is disturbing. But wait... it's not over! Let's break down the headline for a sec.... the wife claimed to have flushed the organ down the toilet!!

How did it flush??? How did her husband react? So many questions.

And before you get extremely judgmental, keep in mind that her husband has been very violent towards her and treated her very badly. 

So he had it coming... but it'll never come again! (HA!)

Okay, I'm done. Enjoy your day.

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