Not all Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Heels

I am not one to condone violence, but when it comes to fighting racism and/or racists- violence is all you are going to get. 

It seems there is a new internet "hero" being invited to the cookouts.

On August 25th, a new viral video was set out to make fame. South Florida resident, 23-year-old Colleen Dagg, was involved in a confrontation with a white woman in a teal dress, identified by Coral Springs Police as 39-year-old Summer Cortts.

Cortts felt it was her right to spew a racist epitaph to a Haitian hotel employee; and Dagg felt it was her right to stop racism as it was happening.  

Dagg, who is also white, spoke to NBC about the confrontation:

"I heard something she said and walked out of the building and thought about it for a second and walked back inside to the counter calmly and asked her if I heard her correctly, just like I'm talking to you, no attitude. She said 'don't worry about it, I'm not black,'" Dagg said. "[She said] 'you guys need to do something about all these wet floors over here, you know how these Haitian people are.' To me she was inferring that Haitian people are more likely to sue somebody than another race."

Now of course, like any racist put in their place, Cortts felt the need to claim, she was "three months pregnant". But leave it to a person with common sense, like Dagg, to respond, "I don't know why you was in my face like that then."

Of course when all excuses fail, Cortts exclaimed, "She just f**kin' attcked me!" to officers when they arrived at the scene.

In the words of "Becky Knuckles" --nickname courtesy of internet-- "I told you I was the right one, honey."

The blow by blow *no pun intended* video gave the lovely young lady over 20k new followers on Twitter and Instagram. Check out below another reason the internet love came pouring in for Ms. Dagg.

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