Is Taylor Swift Coming For Kanye With Her New Album Cover Art?

Taylor Swift, after a couple of days worth of social media teasers, has announced her new album Reputation is coming November 10th, with the first single coming as soon as Friday morning (AUG. 25th). 

Fans have lost their minds! Featuring a punked-out Swift, the cover art is all black-and-white and has a newspaper feel to it. But it also has a "Life of Pablo" feel to it... according to fans.

People think there are striking similarities between Taylor's new cover art, the cover art for Kanye West's The Life of Pablo project, and the merchandise that accompanied the album and his last tour.

The repeating text draws a close similarity between Swift's project and Kanye's. And the "reputation" font of Swift's matches that of 'Ye's much-sought after tour tees. And this has all been noted by fans all over social media. 

The two artists have obviously had some pretty intense beef in the past, stemming from Kanye's infamous "Imma let you finish" stunt at the 2009 MTV Awards. AND a line from Kanye's latest album, on the track "Famous", did allude to the fact that 'Ye believes he made Swift famous by performing the stunt. 

What do you think? Are we about to see a fight?

photo via Getty

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