WTF: Watch Angry Customers Trash A Chik-Fil-A Over Cold Nuggets

According to Allison Music's Facebook post, she walked into a Chik-Fil-A to have it being torn apart by angry customers. And it was all over an order of cold chicken nuggets.

"I walk in and this teenage boy is arguing with the workers along with another male. I have no idea what they are arguing about I just know the boy is making a complete fool of himself," Music wrote. 

"Well not 5 mins later two females come walking up. The manager has already locked to doors so nobody can get in. These females beat on the door trying to bust the glass and pull and jiggle the door handle till the door handle literally breaks off the door. Well they couldn't get in that way so they proceed to go through the other door. This one happens to be unlocked. So then they start yelling and arguing with the works. (The manager is on the phone with the police by now.)"

I guess what happened next was what Music got on video. Check it all out above.

Read Music's original Facebook post below:

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