Is Conor McGregor Getting His Own Movie?

We’re still more than a month away from one of the biggest fights The Floyd Mayweather / Conor McGregor Fight! 

The Press tour alone was entertaining, we know the lead up to the fight is going to insane and the fight itself will be epic, so it’s NO surprise that Hollywood is jumping in and trying to get a piece of the action! 

Universal Studios has announced they are producing a documentary about Conor McGregor, it’s titled "Notorious"! Conor previewed it on his Instagram! 

The other day there was rumors that Conor McGregor was apparently Knocked out during his training camp, however his training camp has come out and denied those rumors! So there was a boxer named Jessie Vargas who allegedly claimed Conor was knocked out during training by British MMA fighter Bradley Wheeler.

However Conor's training camp said...

"the guy mentioned by Jessie Vargas is Brandon Rios, not Brad Wheeler. Neither have sparred with Conor."

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