Do You See The Ghost?

"A man claims to have captured footage of a 'ghostly food shop' in a supermarket trolley on his birthday – a sign he believes is from his late gran telling him to buy some BREAD. 

Dale Greenwood, 33, was about to pop into the Skegness branch of Tesco on his birthday last week (July 3) when he spotted an abandoned supermarket trolley in the car park 10ft away from where he and dad Peter had parked. 

Carer Dale approached the trolley, claiming it had an 'eerie' feel to it and was stunned when he looked through the window and spotted his reflection and that of the empty trolley appearing to contain a weekly shop, including bread. Dale believes in the supernatural and reckons it's a sign from his gran Isa Allen who died four years ago at the age of 89 to let him know she's ok – and that he needs to do a food shop. 

Dale from Skegness, Lincs, said: "I was absolutely gobsmacked and just freaked out."

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