Cardi B Says She's 'Hurt' After Nicki Minaj Sneak Disses Her (VIDEO)

More beef!

So apparently everyone, including Cardi B, thinks Nicki Minaj dissed the reality star and budding emcee on her new track with Iggy Azalea "Swish Swish."

There may some hint of diss-age on the track, but it doesn't sound like it's anything too serious.

"Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck," she raps on the track. "Silly rap beefs just get me more checks. My life is a movie, I’m never off set. Me and my aMIGOS (no, not Offset). Swish swish, aww I got them upset. But my shooters’ll make ’em dance like dubstep. Swish, swish, aww, my haters is obsessed. Cause I make M’s, they get much less…"

People think she's targeting Cardi by mentioning her current boyfriend Offset from Migos in her verse, and by mentioning "silly rap beefs."

Check out what Cardi B had to say about the verse below:

photo via Getty

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