Drake Did One Of the Coolest Things For His Cousin

Drake offically wins the "Best Cousin In History" award... not that he needed to go down in history for anything else! This guy has broken so many records, made history in so many ways... but this right here is the most important one!

Imagine you, going to prom... then Drake shows up with one of the girls in your school as the chaperone, I would be SO JEALOUS! 

So he traveled to Memphis to properly send his cousin off to prom and that's not all he did, he made sure they went to prom in style with custom matching outfits.

Then he made sure they rolled up to prom in Rolls Royce! (That's A LOT OF MONEY TO SPEND ON PROM)

This is amazing to me... not because of everything he bought for his cousin, but the fact that someone as busy as Drake took the time out to take his cousin to prom. This shows people that FAMILY IS FIRST! 

Much love Drake.

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