Rumor Report: Tyga Wants To Help Blac Chyna Raise Dream Kardashian

According to rumors, Tyga is trying to get Blac Chyna back and if that means he has to step in and help raise Dream Kardashian... then that is something he is willing to do. He wants his family back and sources say, "He's ready to help Chyna raise Dream if that's what it would take to be with her again. He's all in. He knows Chyna could use the help. She's working overtime and busting her butt to makes ends meet and Rob isn't doing anything to help or contribute. He's playing the victim."

Well, if this is really what's going down... that's going to be so weird! Let me just break this down real quick (if I don't get confused)

1. Blac Chyna + Tyga = King

2. Tyga - Blac Chyna = Kylie Jenner

3. Kylie Jenner + Tyga = LONG RELATIONSHIP (break ups and make ups)

4. Rob Kardashian (Kylie's Brother) + Blac Chyna = Dream Kardashian + Family/Relationship Drama

5. Rob Kardashian - Blac Chyna = Kylie Jenner - Tyga = Blac Chyna + Tyga + King + Dream Kardashian (?) = Happily Ever After?

6. Kylie Jenner - Tyga (signed to GOOD MUSIC) = Travis Scott (signed to GOOD MUSIC)

Hopefully we didn't confuse you.

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