Is Tyga's Breakup With Kylie Jenner Causing Him Trouble With Kanye?

One minute into the video you'll get the answer you're looking for.

There's many things that people don't agree about when it comes to the Kardashians but one thing we can say is that when it comes to family, they're loyal. With a world full of so much love and hate towards them, they know they'll always have each others backs.

With that being said, now that Tyga and Kylie broke up this could mean Kanye West might drop Tyga from his label considering that's his sister-in-law.

Sources close to Kylie say, “If Kylie wanted to be petty, she could probably get Kanye to drop Tyga from his label. I’m not saying she’s going to do that, I don’t think she’s that bitter. But if it came down to it and that’s what the family wanted I’m sure Kanye wouldn’t even question it. His loyalty is going to be with Kylie and the family over Tyga.”


But if he doesn't drop Tyga for Kylie he might just do it for his wife, Kim Kardashian, who has apparently been asking him to for a while.

We really hope Tyga doesn't get dropped and hope the best comes to him.

But it does look like Kylie Jenner is moving on from her relationship with Tyga and she's onto Travis Scott. On the bright side, Kanye LOVES Travis! 

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