Watch A Stage Crasher Get Beat Down By Lil Wayne's 'Goon Squad' (VIDEO)

(TMZ) - "Some Lil Wayne fans just gotta learn the hard way ... like this guy in Miami who jumped onstage and caught a beating at the hands and feet of Weezy's bodyguards.

Wayne performed at the Rolling Loud music fest in Miami this weekend, and some clown decided it would be cool to climb onstage and run behind the rapper. It was cool ... for the 3 seconds it took for security to pounce on the dude.

About 6 massive men tackled the fan, surrounded him and removed him like nothing had ever happened.

We know Weezy doesn't hesitate to use his "goons" when things get outta hand, but he didn't even need to call 'em this time. Keep an eye out for the bodyguard with locks in the blue shirt ... he unleashed his size 14s.

Looks like the same guy who obliterated a fan a couple years ago in the crowd. That was also in FL. Something in the water?"

via Worldstar

photo via Getty

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