Met Gala Looks - The Good, The Bad, & The Katy Perry

The 2017 Met Gala is officially underway in NYC!

And we's seeing some looks we're SO here for, and some that are just... struggle-y. Wouldn't be a true Met Gala without some over-the-top outfits!

Check out LaLa, though! Probs making 'Melo wish he were dead...


And then we got Migos lookin' all FLY, of course!

Always on point.

JUST LIKE out girl J.Lo in some VERY expensive earwear, riding alongside her boo Alex Rodriguez!

Now let's get into some of the more... interesting looks...

Pharrell and his wife Helen came to slay! Did they nail it?

And what about Jaden Smith holding his dead dreadlocks on the red carpet?

Using the buddy system, we see!

FINALLY, we gotta show you this ish!!

Katy Perry has been in the news recently regarding some insensitive comments about former President Obama and her new hairdo, but she's showing us that doesn't care about all the hate circulating by showing up looking like THIS:

What do you think if this year's looks?

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