The Best First Date Questions #Spicebreakers

1) Are married and do you have kids? You won't believe how many people wait until it's too late to ask these questions and just assume because the person is out with them that they are eligible.

2) What's your love language? This how the person receives and usually provides love. Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Gifts, Words of Affirmation are the love languages. You can take the test to learn what your love language is here.

3) What your best childhood memory? It gives you an up beat conversation topic and also gives you insight into their upbringing.

4) Where are you ticklish? #Touchgoals

5) What's your definition of friendship? This way you will know how to stay out of the friend zone.  

These spicebreakers and more will be at March Matchness! A free party to make connections and speed date in LA. Let me help you break the ice, with some spice. @thespicylife #spicytips

March Matchness