People in relationships feel the need to share everything with their partner. Here is when those rules don't apply. 

Keep a secret when.....

1) When he's not good in bed! Tell him what he does well before you tell him what he needs to work on #TheMaleEgo (This same rule applies for the ladies fellas).

2) When you are attracted to one of their friends, don't be honest. Everyone needs to be ugly to you other than bae! You don't want feelings of jealousy or insecurity to surface.

3) When you ding or crash their car and repair it before they find out! Operative word is "repair."

4) When you have a weird fetish like sex in a chicken suite,  arousal to bees, or animal body parts (keep that a secret until they are extremely comfortable with you, or forever :)

5) When you have a crazy bachelor or bachelorette party like I'm going to have for Letty, and a naked man jumps out of a cake. I can't wait to pretend like I don't remember the night!

6) When your friend told you private information! Don't share with bae. Pillow talk will only break your friends trust, not to mention bae may judge after the reveal. 

March Matchness

If you have kept one too many secrets and you're single now, don't worry you still have a shot at love! Dating is a numbers game so why not play to win...! Come party and speed date with me and other fun people @ #MarchMatchness on 3/5. And of course I will have a ton of #spicytips to go around #Thespicylife @spicymari @thespicylife