Naya Rivera says she's taking her career into her own hands. 

The "Glee" star is featured on the flip cover of this week's "Rolling Stone," and revealing her plans as a solo artist. 

In the story, she explains that it took her "a long time" to figure out what she saw for herself musically. 

Naya says it all came together with her single "Sorry," which features her now-fiance rapper Big Sean. 

After recording the track, she says she told her label Columbia, "This is what I'm doing" and to "get on or get off." 

She insisted "Sorry" be released as a summer single, and told her label of three years she wanted to hear it on the radio before the end of summer.  

Naya is almost finished recording her debut solo album, and continues in her role as Santana on "Glee" this season.