Halle Berry may be a mom of two, but the 47-year-old wants everyone to know that she’s most certainly got a wild side.

The "Extant" star showed off her sultry, sexy side in a new ad for her new fragrance Wild Essence.

Described as a “sparkling, multi-floral” aroma that captures “the sensual essence of a women in nature.”

Halle elaborated on why this scent will unearth a woman’s primal instant. “The essence of a woman is in body and soul and becomes more sensual in nature. With my newest fragrance I wanted to go deep into the rainforest where I could capture the primal richness of nature in an effortless scent.”

And the Oscar winner sells this fragrance like none other. She sizzled in a sheer black dress, slashed to the thigh, with her skin covered in a A-list sweat as she posed against a backdrop of steamy jungle greenery.