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Ol' Dirty Bastard's widow, Icelene Jones, is shedding some light on why the scheduled screening of the ODB documentary, "Dirty: Platinum Edition," was canceled. 

In an interview with, Jones explains that as the head of ODB's estate she put a stop to the screening at last week's NuHo Film Festival because the estate wasn't being paid for the use of ODB's name and likeness.  Icelene says NuHo's founder Chris Kanik didn't want to pay the estate and wouldn't work out a new licensing agreement with Raison Allah - ODB's cousin and the film's creator. 

While Kanik tried to spin the canceled screening as a last minute development, Icelene explains that she sent festival organizers a cease and desist order several weeks before the event.  

Meantime, Chris Kanik tells "XXL" that ODB's family was trying to "exploit [ODB's] likeness for a quick payday."  

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