Some state senators say they plan to pass a state-wide ban on plastic grocery bags.

They say it’ll end the use of single use bags – by forcing customers to use reusable bags or pay 10 cents apiece for the throwaway kind. they say a uniform statewide policy is better than city by city policies – and they promise it’ll reduce trash in the street and ocean.

Peter grande runs command packaging in Vernon – one of the first bag makers in the state to begin producing a heavier duty reusable plastic bag – that he says will be more appealing than fabric style bags:

The senators expect an easy ride through the legislature. grocery stores get to keep the money under their plan – most local bans send the bag fines to environmental projects.

Some state senators say they plan to pass a state wide ban on single-use plastic grocery bags. They say the law will reduce waste in the ocean and streets – and will modify the behavior of shoppers by fining them 10 cents per bag for using the throwaway kind. Peter Grande with Command Packaging in Vernon says his plastic recycling business is among the first in the state to begin making thicker reusable plastic bags – that are better than the imported fabric style reusables sold now.

Grocery stores will get to keep the fines if the statewide ban passes. Most local bans around the state send the money to environmental projects.

-Eric Leonard