GLENDALE (CNS) - Nearly 200 firefighters several agencies battled a brushfire that grew to 150 acres above Brand Park in Glendale this afternoon.

--@ Crews were dispatched to the hills above the 1600 block of West Mountain Street at 12:27 p.m., said a Verdugo dispatcher.

--@ What started off as a 10-acre brusher grew to 50 acres by 5 p.m. and spread to 150 acres by 7 p.m., said Dan Bell, a community relations specialist with the Glendale Fire Department.

Parts of the fire have reached canyons that are hard to get to for firefighters, he said.

-- Los Angeles City and county fire dispatchers both sent two helicopters each to the fire and firefighters from the Burbank and Pasadena fire departments were offering help.

--@ Those four helicopters were dumping water on the flames, Bell said.

--@ Bell said more than 180 firefighters were on the ground and an L.A. city bulldozer is also being used.

--@He said it's likely the firefighting effort will last through at least tomorrow.

--@At least three people were airlifted around the smoke and flames while two additional hikers were helped out on foot, Bell said.

One firefighter was struck by a falling rock, but he went back to work after he was quickly assessed for injuries, he said.

-- No evacuations were planned on being ordered, Bell said.

Posted by Amy King